Welcome to Indonesia, the biggest archipelago country in the world

Welcome to Indonesia Adventure website, Indonesia Adventure is a adventure division of Polow Indonesia Tour and Travel which has been established since 1999 by Mr. Devit Yerry who has many years experiences in tourism industry.

Indonesia Adventure feature adventure tours across Indonesia archipelago from Sabang in the west to Merauke in east and from Miangas Island in the north to Rote Island in south. And offer comprehensive, customized, good quality products and the wide range of travel products cover almost all tourism destinations in Indonesia.

Indonesia Adventure experience and professional staff can offer quick and detailed information or advice for any reservation inquiries. We constantly strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and services. We innovate and welcome change, continually increasing our standards of quality and service to clients. Our priority is to satisfy every customer, every time, through outstanding, personalized service! We are dedicated to the customer experience and are constantly evaluating how we can improve this experience.

In Indonesia Adventure website, you'll find some creative itineraries which combine nature, people, culture and tradition and some itineraries could be combined with flora and fauna as well. Some of our adventure products such as : Tribal trip to Papua, Explore Komodo National Park, Crossing Kalimantan ( Borneo ), Mahakam River and Dayak Tribe, Explore Lesser Sundas " Sumba, Flores, Sumbawa and Lombok Islands ", Orangutan and Tana Toraja, etc

We are sure that we have the perfect journey for you ! We love to welcome you on one of our tours.

" Have Unforgettable Experience ..."

Indonesia Adventure
Jl. Anggrek, Blok I-5 No. 9, Puri Gading, Jimbaran 80364, Bali, Indonesia
Phone ++62 - 361 - 8954027 Fax ++62 - 361 - 8954034, E-mail info@indonesiaadventure.com, Website www.indonesiaadventure.com

Java - Bali
18 days - 17 nights
Java - Sulawesi - Kalimantan
23 days - 22 nights
Papua - Flores - Komodo
18 days - 17 nights
Sumatra - Java - Bali
26 days - 25 nights
Sumatra - Kalimantan - Lombok
19 days - 18 nights
Sumatra - Papua - Kalimantan
21 days - 20 nights
57 days - 56 nights


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