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Komodo Island
Sunday, 19 July 2011 | 15:22 WIB
Komodo Island is an island in the eastern island of Sumbawa, which is separated by Sape Strait. Komodo island has long been known as the natural habitat of Komodo, therefore Komodo Island to become a "Komodo National Park" which is managed by the central government. Komodo Island are in the western end of East Nusa Tenggara province, which is the territory of the District of Komodo, West Manggarai district.
Komodo Dragon (Part 1)
Sunday, 19 July 2011 | 15:22 WIB
Komodo are called Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis), is the largest lizard in the world that are its natural habitat on the island of Rinca, Gili Motang, Flores, and Komodo Island. by natives of Komodo Island, Komodo called Ora. Komodo has an average length of 2-3 meters, and is a member of the family of the Biawak Varanidae, and Klad Toxicofera. Because they live in a small area, and the rate of metabolism of small dragons, dragons have symptoms of "island gigantism" that causes the body Kom
Komodo Dragon (Part 2) - Anatomy and morphology
Sunday, 19 July 2011 | 15:22 WIB
Although Komodo dragons are the largest lizards in the world, but Komodo lizard is not the the longest. Longest lizard in the world is Papua Lizard (Varanus salvadorii). Weight Komodo can be up to 70 kg when he was in the wild, but when in captivity, weight of Komodo dragon can reach 166 kg.
Komodo Dragon (Part 3) - Physiology
Sunday, 19 July 2011 | 15:22 WIB
Komodo can not hear, although they have the ear hole. Sense of sight this animal could see up to a distance of 300 m, but in the darkness night Komodo dragons are not able to see seraca good, because the retina has only cone cells. With his tongue, Komodo can detect the smell and taste stimuli using vomeronasal senses, which make use of Jacobson's organ, so the dragons can navigate well in the darkness of night. These animals can detect the presence of prey is dead as far as 4 - 9.5 kilometers b
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