Papua - Flores - Komodo
Destination - Papua - Flores - Komodo Island
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18 days – 17 nights


Start:     Jakarta (West Java)

End:      Bali



Upon arrival at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, our guide will welcome you then transfer to your hotel. Jakarta is Indonesia’s heartland, its political and economic centre; it is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Located on the northwest coast of Java, it has an area of 661 km2 and population of 9,580,000. Java is the 13th largest island in the world and the 5th largest island in Indonesia. The area of Java is approximately 139,000 km2, with a population of around 136 million, it is the world's most populous island, and one of the most densely populated regions in the world. It is home to approximately 60% of Indonesia's population.

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The trip begins with a visit at National Museum. Officially opened in 1868, it is the oldest and the best museum in Indonesia, containing fascinating stone, bronze and ceramic, archaeological and ethnography collections. Afterwards you will see Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park where all the Indonesian islands are realistically reproduced in miniature. You will continue your trip to Bogor city. Bogor is famous for many things, but most of all for its world-class Botanic Gardens, situated just behind 19th century presidential palace. The gardens officially opened in 1817, cover more than 80 hectares and contain more than 15,000 species of trees and plants. Continue driving to the airport for the night flight to Jayapura.

Meals included: breakfast



Upon arrival in Sentani airport, a connection flight to Wamena, in Baliem Valley. New Guinea is a hot, humid island rising from the sea with some of the most impenetrable jungles in the world and yet also has snow caps covering almost 5,000 metre–high mountain peaks, island is full of mysterious rivers, birds of paradise, endless swamps and impassable rainforests. New Guinea (world's second largest island – after Greenland) is now divided into two parts: the eastern part is called Papua New Guinea, independent state, and western part (formerly known as Irian Jaya), two Indonesian provinces: Papua and West Papua. Those two provinces are the least populated, least visited and most remote provinces of Indonesia. It is a land of outstanding natural splendour, with stunning scenic beaches, huge stretches of marshlands, cool grassy meadows and powerful rivers carving gorges and tunnels through dark and dense primeval forests. The people of the island can be divided into more than 250 sub-groups, which are closely related to the islands along the southern rim of the Pacific and include among others: Asmat, Dani, Kamoro, Korowai and Yali. Those in the central highlands still maintain their customs and traditions and because of the terrain have virtually been untouched by outside influences. The Baliem Valley is located at the highlands of Papua, is occupied by the Dani people. The valley is about 80 km in length by 20 km in width and lies at an altitude of about 1,600-1,700 m. Upon arrival at Wamena Airport, Wamena, the main town in Baliem Valley, you will meet our guide who will escort you to the hotel. On the way you will visit Jibama traditional market.

Meals included: breakfast



You will explore to southern part of Baliem Valley. The road ends about 3 km before Kurima village and your walking tour starts here. On the way to Kurima you will cross small river, walk through Dani settlements and sweet potato fields. Sweet potato, cassava and banana are staple crops of Dani. Walking from Kurima to Seinma you will cross hanging bridge. Enjoying great views of the Baliem river and Baliem valley, crossing on the way one more hanging bridge, you will reach Sogogmo village. Your car will be waiting in Sogogmo and your walking tour ends here.

Meals included: breakfast



First you will drive to Kurulu district to see the salt spring and the process how Dani make the salt. Afterwards you will visit Jiwika village and “meet” the mummy. In the past, important Dani were preserved with the use of herbs and a process of smoking in a secret ceremony known only to a select few. Afterwards you will explore Wosi cave with extraordinary rock formations and Wondugul village where you will see honai – Dani’s traditional house.

Meals included: breakfast



A special “pig festival”, probably the most interesting thing to see on a travel to Papua, will be arranged for you. The Dani use an earth pit (a pit in the ground) technique of cooking pig and their staple crops. They heat stones in a fire until they are very hot, then wrap parts of meat and vegetable inside banana leaves. The food is then placed into a pit with hot stones, some of hot stones are placed on top, and the whole pit is covered in grass to keep the steam in. After a couple of hours pit is opened, food removed and then eaten. Pigs are reserved for very special occasions only. Before coming back to Wamena, you will trek around Seroba village.

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In the morning you will be transferred to the airport and flight to Jayapura. Upon arrival at Sentani Airport, you will start city tour. Jayapura is the capital of Papua province, it is situated on Yos Sudarso Bay. You will visit Mac Arthur monument (the area served as General Douglas MacArthur's headquarters until the conquest of the Philippines in March 1945) and Anthropology Museum.

Meals included: breakfast



Transfer to the airport for your flight to Bali. Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, our guide will welcome you then transfer to your hotel.

Meals included: breakfast



Transfer to the airport for the flight to Maumere. Upon arrival in Maumere, (north cost of Flores Island), our guide will welcome you and transfer to the hotel. Flores is a long (360 km), narrow (12 to 70 km wide) island with impressive landscape, including high mountains, spectacular volcanoes, stunning mountain lakes and spider web rice fields. There are approximately 1.8 million people living on Flores, of which 85% are Roman Catholic. On the way to the hotel you will stop at Wuring village, populated mostly by Muslim Bugis fishermen, you can see their traditional houses built on stilts.

Meals included: breakfast



In the morning depart to Moni village, starting point to explore Kelimutu National Park. On the way to Moni you will visit Ledalero Museum to see a collection of fine ikat cloths from Flores, stone age tools, fossil bones from an extinct elephant-like mammoth that once inhabited Flores, Chinese ceramics and local pottery. You will visit Sikka village famous for the traditional ikat-weaving and the old church, dating from the end of 19 century. You will stop at lovely Paga Beach for short relax and Wolowaru traditional village.

Meals included: breakfast



The natural attraction of Kelimutu National Park is Kelimutu volcano containing three crater lakes. The lakes, at an altitude of 1,640 metres are separated only by low ridges and, unusually, are of different colours. The colours of the three lakes are constantly changing, because of the varying mineral content of their waters (turquoise, black and dark brown recently). The best time for viewing this spectacular sight is early morning. After morning Kelimutu tour you will back to the hotel for breakfast and short relax and then continue your trip to Bajawa, the capital of Ngada district. On the way stop at Ende, the largest town on Flores set amidst several volcanoes, Pengga Jawa Beach to see local people collecting blue volcanic stones and Wogo traditional village where you can see sets of ngadhu (ancestral male-identified sacrificial post) and bhaga (female-identified shrines).

Meals included: breakfast



You will visit Bena village, known for its traditional houses with sharply pitched, towering thatch roofs and groups of megalithic stones. Afterwards continue to Ruteng that lies at the base of a tall mountain range, and at the head of an intricate network of valleys. On the way stop at Aimere to see making palm wine process, view the beauty of Ranamese Lake and visit Ruteng Pu’u traditional village.

Meals included: breakfast



Depart to Labuan Bajo – a tiny fishing town located at the west part of Flores Island. On the way you will stop at Cancar village to admire intricate rice fields arranged like slices of a pie around a central point or spider nets. You will also explore Cunca Wulang Canyon with cascades and a series of smaller waterfalls; on the trek you will pass village, rice fields, and farms producing coffee, candle nut and cacao.

Meals included: breakfast



In the morning you will visit Batu Cermin – limestone cave and extraordinary rock formation. Afterwards transfer to the harbour. You will get aboard and sail to Komodo National Park. Komodo National Park was established in 1980 to conserve firstly Varanus komodoensis and its habitat; over the years expanded to protect Park’s entire biodiversity, both terrestrial and marine. To show biological significance the Park was declared a World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1991. Komodo National Park includes three major islands: Komodo, Rinca and Padar, as well as numerous smaller islands creating a total area of 1,817km2 (marine and land). These volcanic islands are inhabited by a population of around 5,700 giant lizards, whose appearance and aggressive behaviour have led to them being called Komodo dragons. Upon arrival at Loh Buaya, the entry point on Rinca Island you will start trekking to see Komodo dragons at their natural habitat. During the trekking tour you may spot also long-tailed macaques and wild water buffaloes. In Komodo National Park area you can see spectacular beaches and crystal clear blue waters. If time permits you will stop for swimming and snorkelling.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner



Early morning sail toward Komodo Island – the largest island in Komodo National Park. Upon arrival at Loh Liang you will start the trekking tour and will have another chance to see the world's largest living lizards. You may spot also wild animals such as wild buffalos, wild pigs or birds like yellow-crested cockatoo. After trekking you will visit friendly Komodo village and observe daily community life. After discovering the land and its life you will sail to the Pink Beach for swimming and snorkelling. Islands in Komodo National Park are mostly dry and harsh, but below the surface of the water the view is the exact opposite. Marine life of all shapes and sizes enjoys the rich waters surrounding the islands. The Park is one of the richest marine environments in Indonesia and therefore one of the best snorkelling sites. In the afternoon you will sail toward Bidadari, a small isle close to Labuan Bajo.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner



You will have free time for swimming, snorkelling or just relaxing until transfer to the airport for the flight to Bali. Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, our guide will welcome you then transfer to your hotel.

Meals included: breakfast


Day 17: BALI

You will have free time to enjoy hotel facilities or book optional tour.

Meals included: breakfast


Day 18: BALI

You will have free time until transfer to the airport for the flight to the next destination.

Meals included: breakfast

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